Why We Are Different

In today’s fast-paced world of ever-changing technology and ever-available data, we find ourselves constantly bombarded with information, common wisdom, and opinions. One thing we must keep in mind is that not all information is material or relevant and not all opinions are equal. When insuring your risks, in addition to knowing what is covered and, in the aftermath of a disaster what is damaged, you need to know what matters to your insurance company. It is an ever-changing target.

The founders of Risk Worldwide spent decades as trial lawyers and coverage counsel pursuing claims against, and on behalf of, insurance companies. We know firsthand the benefits and the detriments of going to court. That experience is the critical difference and advantage of Risk Worldwide. Every risk is evaluated in anticipation of a claim. Every claim is prepared to meet the level of proof required for court. That level of detail and acumen speaks volumes, which allows court to be avoided, resulting in a quicker and more profitable resolution to the claim. We at Risk Worldwide prepare as if the court will be the final judge in order to avoid it.