Midwest/Chicago area winter thaw highlights snowmelt as impetus for water intrusion:

Chicago, IL and most of the Midwest are currently experiencing a mid-winter thaw that has resulted in flooded buildings and basements throughout the region.  The unseasonably warm air that pushed through the area over the past two days has created a new risk for building owners and managers in the form of snowmelt.

Chicago, IL saw 33.5” of snowfall in January and another 19.1” so far in February of 2014*.  Most of this snow has been piled high around homes, buildings, driveways and walkways as it accumulated.  These large amounts of snow have now melted almost all at once and the ground below cannot absorb the excessive runoff.  Instead, the water has pooled alongside buildings and streets, flooding basements and compromising drainage systems.

Snowmelt water has the potential to intrude into your building(s) which could result in flooding, structural damage, rot and even mold infestation to your property.  Today’s heavy rainfall has added urgency to the issue by accelerating the rate of snowmelt, which in turn has added more water to overwhelmed and in many cases already flooded storm drainage systems.

If you have sustained damages as a result of snowmelt or water intrusion, coverage may be available in your property or flood insurance policies.  It is crucial at this juncture that you understand your policy, its coverage’s and its limits.  Your insurance company may owe you money.  Our expert claims consultants here at Risk Worldwide can help.  Please do not hesitate to contact us today at (312) 291-7576.


*Snowfall data taken from NOAA Climatological Data for Chicago, IL

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Risk Worldwide earns flood compensation in Australia. “Insurer finally paying up”

Article from the Westside News – Paddinton, Brisbane AU 9.18.13


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Insurance Experts Prof Jay Feinman and Michael Childress set to speak in Christchurch, NZ.

Risk Worldwide and the Property Council New Zealand present our own, Michael Childress speaking alongside Professor Jay Feinman, author of the book “Delay, Deny, Defend“.

Click the link below for more details/registration form for the event.

Insurance experts Jay Feinman and Michael Childress set to speak in Christchurch