Q: What types of claims does Risk Worldwide assist in?
A: Our expertise is in property insurance and disaster recovery, however we can assist in just about any type of insurance claim from health insurance related to fire loss, flood damage all the way up to large commercial claims.

Q: How does Risk Worldwide assess the amount of loss for a client?
A: We look at all aspects of the claim, working with our clients using our Gargoyle document management system we trace everything involved with your claim, from pre-loss status to business interruption issues, all with the intent of settling your claim and getting you, your family, and your business back on the right track. We have the network and connections with the appropriate expertise necessary to complete the claim—PAs, engineers, material and component experts, accountants and GCs. We have the full complement of experts necessary to establish coverage for our client’s claims.

Q: How much will it cost me?
A: We work on a percentage of what we recover and therefore there is no out of pocket cost to the financial institutions. We only bring capital to the table. We provide the missing structure to recover insurance proceeds for you.