Risk Worldwide is a consulting company with highly skilled and trained individuals who have decades of experience successfully counseling corporate and sophisticated policyholders, brokers, and their legal counsel on asset protection, disaster response, and insurance recovery. Our talent includes those with advanced degrees, as well as hands-on general contractors, estimators, and consultants who worked for insurance companies.

Risk Worldwide’s goal is to ensure that when the unexpected occurs, our clients are prepared and their assets well protected. We offer a suite of services designed to protect corporate and sophisticated policyholder assets. There is nothing quite as devastating as the unexpected and unprotected event. As risks continue to evolve, resulting in financial and legal ramifications, we work to resolve the adverse effects created by unknown or unsupported risks, before they occur.

Whether you need our pre-loss risk management services or our post-loss disaster response and insurance recovery services, we are just a phone call away—anytime, anywhere, 365 days a year. We are committed to prepare, protect, and respond to your needs.

Click here to view pictures in our photo gallery about the aftermath of a fire that caused extensive damage to the Patrick Cudahy meatpacking plant in Cudahy, Wisconsin, Andy Plunkett, consultant for Risk Worldwide, surveys the loss and demolition activities.

Australia & New Zealand

Learn more about our insurance recovery efforts in Queensland and Christchurch.

Our Partners

Shine Lawyers, with over 30 offices in Australia, has engaged Risk Worldwide to provide claims consulting related to the flooding in Queensland and Cyclone Yasi, which caused over AU$ 3 billion in insured damage during the 2011 Summer in Australia.

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